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CSRD Reporting 


Understand your Requirements

We can help answer all your questions related to CSRD, providing you peace of mind and confidence in meeting the requirements of this new legislation. ​

  • When does the legislation have an impact on your business?

  • What will you need to report on?

  • What will you need to change within your business?

Materiality Report.png


We can help you to achieve the requirements of Double Materiality as laid down under the CSRD legislation

  • Support your business with Risk Management workshops and Register setup.

  • Assessment of risks internal to your organisation and external. Upwards and downwards within your value chain.

Contract Signature


We can support you with getting setup for your reporting. 

  • Writing compliant reports to the CSRD legislation.

  • Data gathering, hygiene and publishing. (we can also set you up for automated data gathering and collation).

  • Conducting a gap analysis between you organisations baseline and future targets.

  • We can work with any and all industries, regardless of whatever step in your journey you are on. 

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