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Our Technology Offerings

We partner with best-in-class sustainability and technology providers, in order to implement the best-fit solutions for your organisation's priorities.



Digitopia's mantra is "transform better" and their platform for measuring and improving your sustainability maturity and/or digital maturity is a perfect complement to Sustainabil-IT's fractional CSO and CIO services.  We proudly partner with Digitopia, leveraging their platform with our expertise to accelerate your sustainability and digital standing.

MS Cloud 
for S

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is an enterprise-grade solution that helps you record, report and reduce your organisation’s environmental impact across CO2e, waste and water, through automated data connections and actionable insights.

5Y Technology
Data Platform

Sustainabil-IT has secured the first  partnership with 5Y Technology, an innovative company, who have solved the data problem for large organisations running multiple MS systems, providing immediate access to visual reporting, automated data connections and warehousing capabilities. 

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