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Sustainabil-IT is proud to partner with Digitopia, a leading business impact platform, in delivering our outsourced CSO and CIO solutions.  We leverage Digitopia's Sustainability Maturity Index and Digital Maturity Index to measure your organisation's current standing, determine targets and agree projects and initiative to achieve this, with continuous reporting along the journey.

Sustainability Maturity Index (CSO)  / Digital Maturity Index (CIO)

We focus on six key areas for your Sustainability / Digital organisational requirements. 

Measure your starting point

Through our consultation workshops we will measure your current standing across the indices.  Next, we determine the target standing to be achieved.


Define your transformation initiatives 

We will identify the change programs that will help you reach your desired outcomes. We will also specify the capital and operational expenses, as well as the time and effort required for each program.

Assess the Impact of what change will bring

Evaluate how the change programs will affect your organisation. This will give you confidence that you are on the right track.



Score your digital maturity.
Benchmark against peers.


Prioritise your initiatives.
Manage your progress. 


Analyse your vitality.
Strategise your investments. 

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